Sunday, 18 April 2010

Poor Markets this Weekend!!

Well Hawick FM was a total non-event on Friday. 7 stalls, 1 was empty. People were walking towards the market, having a look and turning away. No meat, no fish, no veggies, no jams. The organisers are trying very hard to make the market work and have even reduced the stall fees again, but nothing seems to be working, and to top it all, the market is in a bad position.
On to QP FM on Saturday. Same huge number of meat stalls as before, about 15 in total I think, including wholesalers. A producer of top quality pork products was heard to say that 8 stalls were selling bacon. Visitors were not buying much and seem to be more interested in the hot food than the actual produce. This market is needing a big re-think and an injection of new producers selling different produce, not just duplicating what is already there.
Sunday and it was Bothwell, The Cricklewood, FM. What can I say. No one knew the market was on, not even the hotel where it was taking place!! No advertising had been done. About 30 customers came through the gate, most just because they were walking by and saw the stalls. Some of the 6 stallholders left early. Full stall fees were taken. Poor show!!


  1. Jo Jo's Danish Bakery4/19/2010 7:51 pm

    I'm going to be at the next farmers market in Hawick.

    I'm selling traditional Danish pastries and I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. the marketing for cricklewood is by email and only by email to the hotel owners email list. It does get a response though a very low one but may be a lesson for other markets to do email alongside all the other more effective promotion . The email attendees came from quite a wide range with hardly any Bothwell locals (may be 10) They also had a blackboard sign saying farmers market in chalk this is one step beside none. Jim ,one of the 6 stalls

  3. Emailing the within the Group looks good on paper, and they can then say that they have advertised, but it did little to boost the number of punters actually coming throught he gate. What other advertising was done by the people we pay our stall fees to?
    At least the people walking by did see the chalk board, but no one else would. Last time the hotel staff put signs out on the roads and the chef was all ready with food samples to give out, but as they did not know the market was on, none of that happened.
    This could be a good wee market but needs to be well advertised in local free paper and maybe with door to door flyers.

  4. Hi Jo,
    Hawick is a nice wee market, but there are very few customers, and the lack of produce selection is making this worse. The organisers really do try hard to make tha market work (unlike some), but nothing seems to be working.
    However, a new stall always creates interest, so you may do well. I really hope you do, and wish you all thebest.