Sunday, 28 February 2010

Over the Farm Gate

Hi my name is Dominic, my family and me run a wee farm called Sunnyside, in Sanquhar D&G. We specialise in producing unusual and rare breed meats. Scottish Rose veal, Dexter beef, Shetland lamb, Gloucester old spot pork.
My passion, a much over used word, is producing animals that are tasty and interesting to work with. Size is of no significance. We breed the smallest coos and oddest looking sheep, but they taste the best. My pigs have some black patches that come through onto the skin, but that doesn't effect the sublime taste. Thats whay alot of these breeds have almost died out, supermarkets dont want them, they arent all the same to fit their shelves.

My father and i work on the farm full time, with a little help from our friends we produce everything ourselves. We feed the animals twice a day, rain or shine (or snow!!), sometimes before the farmers markets even start we have done a days work. The finished stock are selected and taken by us to our local abattoir.
All our meat is properly hung, and we have a modern on farm butchery facility. I make the sausages, i personally come up with all the recipes. I pack and cut all the meat, i hand cure the bacon, make the pies. (we do have a cleaner though!)
We can tell you exactly whats in everything, because WE do it all. The food is not passed through a hundred hands and premises, just straight from me to you!

Its difficult to describe the life on a farm, especially ours, its not normal. We have tremendous highs, and terrible lows. Dealing in life and death on a daily basis can be horrible. But seeing the 1st breath of a lamb, seeing the enthusiastic licking of a new born calf from loving Dexter mum, makes for special moments that most people will never see. The world races by and most don't see the living world around them. I think as farmers we are privileged to see the countryside as we do. It all makes life worth living.
Speaking of making life worth living, we have a collection of characters on the farm that all make it that bit more special. The biggest being Bird. Bird is an Ayrshire bullock, he will be 3 this year. he is a permanent resident and can`t not make you smile. Always enthusiastic to see you and have a pat on the head. Trouble is he must weigh 700kg now, so when he comes over to see you hope he stops!!

We are a bit different in everything we do but go to your local farmers market and meet some other producers who all have their passions, and if you see me, say hello!

Dominic smith, if you want to know more get in touch

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  1. Hi Dominic, nice blog.
    Great that you took time to say a bit about yourself and your farm. Sounds like you have a good family business going.
    You obviously care about your aminals and your farm.
    See you at QP on Saturday.