Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Welcome to Jude's Jewels

Hi there,
My name is Judith Gray (Jude).
I started Jude's Jewels Handmade Designer Jewellery about 10 years ago. What started as a hobby when I was ill has developed into my full time job.
Rather than take part in craft fairs (which can be really stuffy and samey), I decided to take a new route to selling my jewellery through local farmers markets.
Although I had to prove that I could sell my handmade jewellery alongside the food producers and be accepted into the market community, I worked hard and now take part in up to 20 markets a month across Scotland, from Fencebay in the West to St Andrews in the East.
Jude's Jewels became a crafter member of SAFM last year, which meant a great deal to me.
I have been working hard to develop my website in recent month and post a regularly up-dated list of all the farmers markets I attend on the site. This link brings my customers to the markets in their area.
I have found that my customers like coming to the farmers markets and that my stall adds an extra dimension the the normal list of producers. Diversification is good for keeping farmers markets fresh and customers interested.
To give my regular customers a good choice I constantly strive to develop new lines and fun items. Many of my customers are younger members of the shopping community and it is great to see them at farmers markets.
On the Jude's Jewels stalls you will usually see me (Jude), my partner Nick and our daughter Jen, sometimes aided by niece Vicki and nephew James. We always try to remember customers faces and names, and to make them feel valued.
Farmers markets should be at the centre of the local community when it comes to shopping for fresh produce or locally made speciality items.
Please check out the website for all our details : http://www.judesjewels.co.uk/


  1. What a brill blog, says loads about you, what you believe and gives such a warm welcoming feel to the markets you attend. Well done!

  2. Thank you.
    Scottish Farmers Markets mean a great deal to me. I love taking part, being part of the communiity and having the chance to buy fabulous Scottish produce every week. I'm usually spoilt for choice.
    Just hope other SAFM producers take time to blog. Could be a very useful tool. Just need a link from SAFM site to this blog.

  3. Farmers market is the right place to buy fresh meats, vegetables, and house items in good price - that's why I always go there with my mom in the morning. The best thing about it is the people who go there, too. I agree, it should be at the center of the community, so local produce would be prioritized. I've been visiting your jewelry site, and I must say that you really have great crafts designs there. Your products remind me of my hometown in Tennessee, where I buy accessories. The graphic design of your site is simple, though. Anyway, I hope I could visit Glasgow this year and pay your stall a visit.